Thursday, 23 February 2012

nerf gun maverick mod

my nerf gun maverick project what i aim to do is make the gun a new colour, make it shoot further and hurt more. before i modded the gun it could shoot up to 26f.

what i want to do to the gun:
  • Take out the air restrictors.
  • Add some pennies to the back of the spring not sure how many yet.
  • Add like a torch to it some how.
  • paint it silver metallic and either neon orange or neon yellow.
  • full barrel drop and may make barrel where it all comes out.
  • try and mod the barrel some how and make it more air tight.
  • mod the darts making them hurt more
what i have done so far:

I have taken out the air restrictors it makes the gun shoot further but it makes it louder.
The little fork things are the air restrictors and they sit behind the dart holder and close up when the air pressure is to high so that is why i took them out to increase air flow.

I have also added 4 pennies to the back of the spring

this picture only show two pennies but it was only picture i could find.